Sara Waka



Sara Waka is proudly Japanese, yet was born and raised in the world of modern art and fashion that is Milan. While convinced that the Samurai spirit burns strongly in her heart, it has been said – by Italians no less – that she is more Italian than most “Napoletani”, and, when visiting Japan, finds herself introduced as “Italiana”. Her parents first traveled to Italy as students of opera and there they remained, forming a link between Italy and Japan. Sara Waka has a thirst for all things cultural and this search has taken her around the world’s major cities, including Milan, Tokyo, London and Paris. Her eyes are particularly drawn to cuisine and fashion. In Spring 2012, she graduated from a university in Milan, having studied Communication in the Culture and Arts Markets.

Today finds her pursuing post-graduate study of Aesthetics and Socialogy of Cultural Management at College de Sorbonne in Paris III. Perhaps because of her Italian upbringing, she has an outgoing nature and a social ease at odds with the traditional image of a Japanese girl. She likes to think she has perfectly balanced the gracefulness of Japan with the fiery, passionate expression found in Italy. The result: she has a rare character for either of her home countries. A naïve little minx with impeccable manners. Forceful and persuasive yet full of consideration. A delicate little Passionista forging her own path in this world. Simply put: such individuals are seldom found. Her strongest talent is her ability to cause those around her to dance to her tempo, entertaining them while reminding them what it was like to be a child.


Wakapedia is a project started by Sara Waka to pass on the cultural information that she herself has seen or heard on her expeditions across the globe. She will conduct interviews, drawing out secret gems from her interviewees. She will visit first class restaurants, to sample the flavours firsthand. She will attend amazing events and exhibitions around the world. And then she will pass on this information to you, as freely and warmly as if you were sitting across from her at the dinner table; two friends enjoying a meal and expanding their horizons.

Please note, boiled down, Wakapedia is one person’s view on the world, so read it to laugh and we’ll all be happy.
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