MDKreative is a Celebrity management and Digital Marketing social media consulting agency with offices in Paris and Milan.
With over 15 years of experience and a truly talented team MDK offers full spectrum of services. It’s vast array of forms of art and artists enables MDK to cover many different size customers and industries. Our arena of expertise are the; Prestige and Masstige segments of the Fashion and Cosmetics industries as well as luxury markets in general to music and arts.
MDK’s artists represent today’s global world, its different forms of artistic expressions and artists enables MDK to make any project come true, from inception to creation. MDK is the link between the supernatural creative and artistic world and the world of pragmatic requirements to meet goals and objectives, providing a transversal array of services. Its natural DNA harmonizes seamlessly the union between the intangible meets the tangible. We offer full spectrum of Celebrity Management, Celebrity Brand Endorsement, Celebrity Booking, Talent Management, Artist Booking, Media Communication and Public Relations (PR) Services to the Celebrities, Talents, Events, Entertainments and Fashions for global or targeted to the specific national or international audience.

Our talents are our partners their success is our success. We go the extra mile for each one of our represented talents and this is why MDK is considered today a to go to boutique firm. In particular here follows a little description of our expertise :



Talent representation at 360°

PR celebrities
Image consulting
Endorsement (co-branding, advertising campaigns , licensing, tailored made projects, performances etc)
Product placement
PR  in general


Analysis and study of the needs of our customers based on their DNA and their communication goals
Creation and proposal of creative projects in line with the expectations of our customers·
Optimization of existing creative projects in synergy with our customer team
Casting and bookings negotiation
Monitoring of projects from the creative idea to implementation (coordination and interface with stakeholders talents)
Artistic Consulting and Production Web/print/Film/Editorial
Image consulting


Social network analysis
Digital communication analisys
Artistic direction and assistance  (Consulting /contents/Coordination / Supervision)
Conception and Production special project
Digital press incentives


For more information in regards of our event production activities,
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